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These are practically a “Miracle Cure” with Jay Campbell

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In this episode, I talked to Jay Campbell about the “sick care” system in America, and what you can do to take liberty over your health. 

The American medical system has turned into illness medicine, only band-aiding the systems and ignoring the root causes. Through Jay Campbell’s books and research, he’s exposing the truth and teaching men how to reclaim their health. 

We cover the rapid decline in testosterone levels, how the American environment is destroying men’s health, and ways to increase testosterone levels.

Jay uncovers the lies surrounding testosterone injections, peptides, and hormone therapy. He defines what peptides are and how they get to the root cause. 

He walks through Dr. David Hawkin’s Consciousness Scale, how 80% of humanity is stuck in the low, “stubborn pride” frequency, and how we can raise our frequencies through serving others and living out our potential to the fullest. 

This episode was about raising out of a fear-based mentality, breaking out of the sick care system, and claiming your freedom. 

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