“The last chance humans have to compete” – Nick Black on Crypto

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With Henry Bingaman

“The last chance humans have to compete” – Nick Black on Crypto

Henry Bingaman talks to Crypto asset manager Nick Black.

We talk about Nick’s wild early life as a professional MMA fighter, bodyguard, and mercenary in the French Foreign Legion…

You’ll get a “cheat sheet” for predicting how high individual crypto prices are going to jump in the short run…

Nick names names of people who are building crap or scammy products in the crypto space

You’ll discover why crypto may be the last opportunity for humans to meaningfully acquire wealth

Nick spills the dirt on one of the biggest questions in crypto: Who is Satoshi (the inventor of Bitcoin)?

You’ll get Nick’s “5 T formula” for analyzing if a crypto is worth investing in

Plus, the truth behind NFTs…

Watch Nick Black talk crypto *live* every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at https://moneymorninglive.com/

Check out his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClq5EuO3JrS8Xk4p055wmog

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