Reviving our ‘Human Nature’ I Daniel Prince

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With Henry Bingaman

Reviving our ‘Human Nature’ I Daniel Prince

In this episode I’m joined by Bitcoin expert and world traveler Daniel Prince to talk about:

His decision to drop his 15 year finance career to travel the world with his wife and 4 kids.

Our ‘issues’ with the formal education system and why it’s designed to destroy creativity.

How humans have lost our “entrepreneurial nature”.

The exciting future of Bitcoin and why it’s so important to get involved right now.

And most importantly, how to break free from the conformist lifestyle thrown onto you by society. Daniel Prince’s “Choose Life” Book: Code ‘bitten’ for 10% discount. Pay with Bitcoin via the lightning network for an extra 10% discount.

Daniel Prince ‘Once BITten’ Podcast: YT Channel

Daniel Prince ‘Princes Off The Grid’ Travel Blog

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