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Protect Your Wealth AND Your Freedom: What is Flag Theory

Many people in the US are wondering what to do if the country goes south and the dollar crashes. In this episode, I talk to Coley Hudgins about how Flag Theory works, the freedom that comes with diversifying your assets internationally, and why he chose to move his family to Panama. 

In 2006, after the financial crisis, Coley noticed decreasing freedom in America. After exploring his options, he decided on Panama. After living in a third-world country for over 10 years, he sheds light on the misconceptions Americans have about countries outside the US and how he’s now more free living in Panama. 

We also talk about the levels of government corruption in different countries and the steps that Coley is taking to protect himself from it. 

Coley talks about the 7 flags that make up flag theory and how to diversify your assets internationally. We cover the benefits of protecting yourself through off-shore bank accounts, physical asset holdings like gold and real estate, and forming LLCs. 

This episode is all about protecting your money and freedom through international diversification. Stay tuned for part 2!

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