How To Start Affiliate Marketing | Matt McWilliams

Today I am joined by expert marketer and author of “Turn Your Passions Into Profits” Matt McWilliams. In this episode we discuss all things affiliate marketing. From tips and strategies to our biggest success stories and why affiliate marketing is *almost* completely risk free. We also include some of the not-so-great stories and how you […]

How To Know If Your Business Is Scalable

In this episode I am back with my good friend and business partner Nick Watts. In this episode we discuss: The difference between scalable and non-scalable businesses. Everything we’ve learned about starting our new SAAS company. Why you don’t actually own your 401k (among the other things the government controls). (I mean seriously, do you […]

Inside Tom Woods’ $20k Mastermind

Last week was the final meeting of the first year of Tom Woods Mastermind. So I recorded a few interviews with most of the members, and Tom himself. We cover the good, the bad, the fun, and who should consider joining this or any mastermind. In both business and life, there’s not much that’s more […]

Should You Team Up Or Go Solo? | Marcella Allison

Today I’m rejoined by A-list copywriter and my long time writing partner and friend Marcella Allison. In this episode: We talk about why partnering is so important in copywriting and business. When is the right time to accept that you’ve failed at something and move on. The difference between guilt and stress. And not least […]

The Truth About Value: Why We Stay Broke, Lonely, and Unfree

It’s been a while since I’ve done a good rant. So here it is.  In this episode I talk about how to get what you want, why most people won’t put in the effort, and the true meaning of value.  Then, I give some tips for how to get a lot of writing done in […]

How Would A Libertarian Society Work? | Nick Watts

Today I’m joined by software engineer and my business partner Nick Watts. We about info products and how you can use them to grow your business. And then . . . things get spicy. We talk about the immigration dispute between Texas and the Federal Government. What it would mean for the rest of the […]

How To Tell $tories that $ell | David Garfinkel

Today I’m joined by copywriting coach and expert storyteller David Garfinkel. David began his career in writing as a journalist but quickly discovered that it just wasn’t for him. Instead he followed his love for storytelling and eventually found his way into copywriting. Coaching and writing for some of the top copywriters and businesses across […]

The Key Differences Between B2B and B2C Sales

Today I’m joined by software engineer and my business partner Nick Watts. Nick is a newbie when it comes to marketing and sales. So in my last podcast he joined me to discuss all the secrets from the greatest marketing book ever written Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz. In this episode we discuss the difference […]

How To Find Meaning In Your Life Through Entrepreneurship | Bobby Shell

Bobby Shell isn’t what you typically imagine when someone says they’re an ‘entrepreneur’. He’s not someone who starts a business, gets filthy rich, and then disappears into a mansion somewhere. Instead he’s measuring his success on how he can impact and improve the world (And hopefully get rich doing it.) Bobby’s Youtube: Bobby’s Twitter: […]