You Can Still Be Free in An Unfree World

Henry Bingaman

I’m Henry Bingaman. I want to help you take control of your wealth, health, and liberty

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It’s A Scary Time For People Who Value Freedom

Henry Bigman

If you’re the type of person who hates being bossed around, has a fierce sense of independence, and despises being pressured to conform to the crowd…

Then, like me, you probably found the past few years both eye opening and horrifying.

Today, it’s more obvious than ever that schools, media, the medical & pharmaceutical cartel, big banks, corporations, and government all work to gether as a big machine, attempting to control what we do and how we live.

All of these institutions are broken, hopelessly corrupt, and often both.


You can believe the narratives they’re selling. You can live your life inside the machine. You can play by whatever made-up rules that was assigned to you and parrot their approved talking points.

Or you can ignore their narratives, break out of the machine, and live on your own terms.

You can design a career that make you happy – choose to work when and where you want – and make much more money.

You can source medical care that serves your best interest, not the interest of a corrupt, trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry, and live a longer, stronger, healthier life.

You can be free in an unfree world I’d love to help.

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What Top Pros Say About Henry


Steve Harvey


Daymond John


John Boehner


Jim Rickards


Joe Montana


Steve Forbes

“I practically have Henry Bingaman on ‘speed dial’. Seriously. Whenever I’m faced with a difficult choice, or
major business or career
decision, he’s the first person
I reach out to!

Henry has a very strategic way of looking at things. And he sees opportunities that I miss.

He also has a great way of cutting to the chase and simplifying the decision for
me so that I immediately see the next right move.

Not only that but he’s made
me a ton of money over the
years. The projects we have worked on together have
been the most profitable of
my career - in the multiple
millions of dollars.
Not to mention the
most fun.

If you have a chance to work with Henry, take it. Not only will he save you from yourself, but he brings a unique perspective to the table based on years of experience in marketing, investing, entrepreneurship and more.”

Marcella Allison
Founder Of Titanides And
Mentoress Collective

“Henry Bingaman is that rare combination of someone who is DOING the work of creating marketing campaigns at the highest level, earning millions with clients… and is incredibly good at TEACHING how he does it.

“His brain is the perfect blend of creative, instinctive, and analytical. Best of all, he’s damn generous and a cool guy.”

Kevin Rogers

“Henry is one of those rare birds who can both write great copy at the highest, most competitive level, AND show you HOW he does it.

His copywriting expertise is matched by an in-depth understanding of the all-important, results-generating marketing aspects of direct response.

I recommend him with no qualifications whatsoever, and cannot say enough good things about him.

Every time I listen to him
I feel smarter.”

David Deutsch
Copywriter, Entrepreneur & Consultant Www.Davidldeutsch.Com
“One of the best damn writers I’ve ever worked with.”
Steve Harvey
Comedian And TV Icon
“Henry is on the short list of copywriters I would never dream of going up against. He really is that good.”
Clayton Makepeace
Copywriter And Entrepreneur
“I’m a huge admirer of Henry’s work. So much so, that I asked him to be a guest instructor on one of my Copy Cub Training Calls. My copy cubs and I
were blown away by the information Henry shared. I myself took 4 pages of notes.
If you ever have an
opportunity to learn from this man, grab it!
Parris Lampropoulos
Henry Bingaman with dog

I’ve Found Freedom For Myself – And
I Want To Help You Find It As Well

My name is Henry Bingaman. Many heavyweights in the direct response industry consider me an “A-List” marketer and copywriter.

Over the last 14 years, through sales funnels I constructed, I’ve sold over $300 million worth of products for my clients.

Through my copy and consulting, I’ve helped a number of clients grow to mid-eight figures in revenue. And I’ve even helped two of my clients reach over $100 million in annual revenue while I was working with them.

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